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(Based on a late 1950's brochure)

Tough Work for the Tiger!

No easy life was planned for the SEAGULL Model 102 Plus. Blood, toil, tears and sweat all the way was what its designers foresaw. In consequence it's a real tiger for work.

Everywhere under the most trying circumstances, it is being asked to do the impossible and doing it - very well, too. It pushes pontoons and tows rafts. It drives native sampans, fishing dories and harbour launches. Anywhere where slogging service without skilled attention, day in and day out, is called for that's where you'll find the 102 Plus.

102 PlusIt has proved that four or five horse-power, properly converted into real thrust, will handle practically anything. And all done at a fraction of the initial cost, weight, and running expense, of motors more than double the horse-power which turn much smaller, higher-speed propellers. The propeller of the Model 102 Plus is bigger than the engine itself - 13 inc. in diameter, and four-bladed at that. When that great paddle wheel starts turning, something has got to move!

Some folk even tow a small trawl net with the 102 Plus... We don't particularly recommend this, but we've found it's no good trying to limit the jobs which slave- driving owners hand out to this willing horse. It's a veritable tractor of the sea.

Yet, although this model is the most rugged and hardworking of SEAGULLS, there is nothing 'rough' about its performance. It is both smooth and quiet; a most manoeuvrable and tractable motor. That's why it's a great favourite for seagoing pleasure launches and small, inexpensive outboard motor cruisers of the displacement type, as opposed to 'flying sauces' designed to skim over the top.

It's not a speed motor, but a general-purpose engine, designed to provide the maximum thrust at boat speeds up to about 8 knots... a breadwinner and a profit-maker, ever-ready to tackle the heaviest loads with complete reliability, at the lowest possible running costs.

It has all the usual SEAGULL features and is fitted with the SEAGULL positive free-engine clutch as standard. The all-bronze transom bracket, with removable thrumb-screws, allows permanent fixture to the boat if preferred (and that is what we recommend). A long-range fuel tank is available on request.

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