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Seagull SD 160 Inboard Engine

The British Seagull Company, world famous manufacturer of reliable and rugged small outboard motors, announces the introduction of a new small inboard, the SEAGULL SD 160.

The engine is suitable for main power for sail boats up to 5,000 pounds displacement and launches in the 18-20 foot range. The SD 160 engine features a new power head that is capable of producing 160 foot pounds of thrust. This is approximately 60-percent more powerful than the largest Seagull outboard available. (Perhaps before the introduction of the 170).

The engine uses the "THRU HULL" concept in installation. An 8" x 6" mounting plate is bonded to the hull and the gear box and power head are bolted together on the mounting plate.

The engine features:

Technical Specifications:

General: Single cylinder, four port, two cycled, water cooled.
Bore & Stroke: 2.24 x 1.57 cubic inches.
Cubic Capacity: 6.22 cubic capacity/102cc.
Ignition: Breakerless capacity, Discharge fully sealed, Waterproof with key operated cutout.
Cooling: Centrifugal impeller.
Exhaust: Water injected with riser.
Reduction Gear Ratio: 3.1 Neutral and Reverse.
Propeller: 4-blade anti-weed 101/2 dia.
Fuel Tank: Remote tank various sizes available.
Weight: Approx. 50 lbs.
Options: 50 Alternator, Morse remote controls.