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Make sure you identify which throttle (control lever), cable and carburetor combination you have before purchasing a replacement. Not all cables are the same!

The most common types of throttles (see photo at right) and throttle cables will be discussed. This information covers combinations used from the 1950's to the 1980's. Cables came in an array of colors, such as, black, white and green and in four lengths: 14", 18", 24" or 25" lengths.

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Villiers - Carburetor, Cable & Throttle Combination

The two throttles (control lever) listed here use the same cable setup. I'm told there may have been up to 4 different styles of throttles.

The first square block outboards - both 102cc and 64cc sizes were equipped with a Villiers carburetor. The silver colored carbs with a metal float chamber and air inlet compensator typically had a throttle with "Villiers" stamped on the top (see Villers Throttle 1.0 below). This type of throttle used a throttle cable with bullet ends (see Villiers Throttle Cable 1.0 below) and a cable adjusting screw (Part # V105 x 1) and cable adjusting locknut (Part # V105 x 1). The cable adjusting screw was not removable since the bullet end was larger than the hole the cable passed through in the adjusting screw.

Throttle - Villiers 1. (Part # 50/556V) Villiers Throttle Cable

Some silver and/or black colored Villiers carbs with either metal or plastic float chamber and air inlet compensator were equipped with the same Villiers Throttle Cable (see Villiers Throttle Cable 1.0 above & below) but had a newer Villiers Throttle (see Villiers Throttle 2.0 below). It may have been an improvement in that there were fewer parts, but in my opinion, the first Villiers Throttle (1.0), with its longer thumb lever, was easier to manipulate and maintain.

Throttle - Villiers 2.0 (Part # 50/556V) Villiers Throttle Cable


Amal & Bing - Carburetor, Cable, & Throttle Combinations

Many outboards equipped with Amal and Bing Carburetors have their own type of cable and throttle combination. These carburetors were equipped with a throttle cable that had a barrel end (see Amal & Bing Throttle Cable below) on the throttle end and a bullet end on the carburetor end.

Removal and installation of the cable on this style of throttle was much easier since it required no removal of the top with a screw driver. You simply put the barrel end in the slot under the thumb lever (see inset photo on Amal & Bing Throttle below) and slide the cable along the side into place.

Throttle - Villiers 2.0 (Part # 50/556V) Villiers Throttle Cable


Different Combinations

Since there are still hundreds of outboards in good running condition today, there are a lot of "part mixing." A 40 Featherweight that was equipped with Bing carburetor when it left the manufacturer may now have been replaced with a Villiers carburetor. The throttle, cable and carburetor combination may have been changed completely or just simply adjusted to work. Since a lot of outboard parts are interchangeable, it's not uncommon that the engine number only matches the crankcase it was printed on and not much else. That's why it's important to look closely at what type of throttle, cable or carburetor is currently on your outboard. If you're not sure what you've got, send an email with your serial number.