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102 Series

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Serial Number: SD 722P3

Model: 102 (clutch drive) | Year: 1943

This rare, well maintained, early model 102 is owned and cared for by Charles Palfreeman. Be sure to view his other outboards: FV | FVP | LS

SD 722 P3

Serial Number: S.D. 726.L3

Model: 102 (clutch drive) | Year: 1943

This outboard was recently purchased by Bruce Guppy of Perth, Australia off eBay! He plans to fix it up and getting it running again. Looks to be in pretty good shape for its age. You can check out some of his other outboards on his YouTube page.

SD 726 L3


Serial Number: D 702

Model: 102 (direct drive/long shaft) | Year: 1946-?

D 702

Serial Number: D 3802L

Model: 102 (direct drive/long shaft) | Year: 1946-?

From the serial number up this outboard is a 102 series 'D'. As Charles Palfreeman points out the 'D' power head has been grafted onto a WSPCL leg and box. Also the bracket is not orginal to a 'D'. It also appears that when it was stamped the 'L' for long shaft was added too soon. It my have been D 38L then corrected by stamping a '0' over the 'L' to read D 3802L.

D 3802L


Serial Number: ACR 4559

Model: 102 (clutch drive) | Year: 1948-49 (Refurbished at some point)

ACR 4559


Serial Number: AD 8484

Model: 102 (direct drive/long shaft) | Year: 1949-50

AD 8484

Serial Number: AD 3698 L

Model: 102 (direct drive/long shaft) | Year: 1947-48

This particular outboard has been modified - red paint and polished fuel tank.

AD 3698 L


Serial Number: EDL XX MM3

Model: 102 (direct drive/long shaft) | Year: 1973



Serial Number: TC 62048

Model: 102 (clutch drive) | Year: 1958-59

TC 62048

Serial Number: TC 68088L

Model: 102 (clutch drive/long shaft) | Year: 1959-60

TC 68088L


Serial Number: TDL 695 R6

Model: 102 (long shaft) | Year: 1956-67 (Refurbished in 1966)

TC 695 R6


Serial Number: THCL 225W2

Model: 102 Plus (clutch drive/long shaft) | Year: 1957-67 (Fitted with a Wipac ignition in 1972)

Peter of speculates that the 'W' was added in place of the month letter when an outboard was fitted with a Wipac (Mk 2) ignition assembly. The original ignition assembly for this particular model was a Villiers (Mk 1) ignition assembly.

THCL 225W2


Serial Number: WC 616 N0

Model: 102 Plus (clutch drive) | Year: 1970

This 102 is just one of several Seagulls owned by Brian Poole. His collection also includes a WSPCL, LLS and F.

WC 616 N0