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QB Series - History

(Based on a 1988 brochure)

Outboards in the QB Series

The story behind the QB Series Engines!

It all started back in 1985... Our development team at British Seagull in Poole knew that while there was an enormous following for our traditional, simple, rugged, reliable and easy-to-service outboard engines amoung practical yachtsmen, the time was right for taking advantage of modern technology to update the range.

Three areas marked for improvement were power, noise and economy...

Start with the experts... Seemed to be a sensible and logical approach, so after defining exactly what the "new concept" engines should do, we contacted Queens University of Belfast (recognised home of some of the top Two-Stroke engineers in the world).

Working together, Queens and Seagull have produced a completely new outboard engine design.

At the heart of this engine is a new cross scavenge combustion systme which in tests has proven to be the best yet seen.

More power and better economy... Were immediate and automatic benefits of the new "QB Engines". The noise level was dramatically reduced by redesigning the starter and flywheel housing and venting the carburettor directly into this space.

The slow running improved so much that a "stop button" had to be fitted and a new breakerless CD ignition system was designed and installed.

To allow for a "remote tank" option on the Kingfisher a pumped fuel system was incorporated while a new corrosion free high density plastic moulded fuel tank was produced. Even new carrying handles were designed and built in.

Hours of testing... In the laboratory, in test tanks and on-the-water followed using the pre-production engines. Then marine journalists, working fishermen and selected distributors were loaned engines to complete a rugged test programme.

The general verdict... Fantastic!

With all this behind us the first NEW QB SERIES engine "The Kingfisher" was launched to the public at the 1987 London Boat Show.

Since then, two more models have been added to the range "The Osprey" and "The Curlew".