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Marston Seagull

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Serial Number: OA 6##

Model: Marston Seagull | Year: 1931

Photos provided by Craig Bunn - the owner.

OA 6##

Serial Number: OA 4864285

Model: Marston Seagull | Year: 1931-1935

This engine number may not be accurate. Waiting on serial number photo verification.

OA 4864285


Serial Number: OF ###

Model: Marston Seagull | Year: 1934-1935

I have been informed by Charles Palfreeman that the owner of this superb Model 'OF' Marston, Andy Lane, has been known to run this outboard from time to time. There are precious few Marstons and even fewer in running order complete with Forward-Neutral-Reverse gears.

Model OF - owner Andy Lane


Serial Number: ON 1073

Model: Marston Seagull | Year: 1937-1941

ON 1073