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Seagull Outboard test run in a bucket

This video shows the running of a Silver Century in a test bucket. This outboard is/was up for auction on eBay by Phil Booth. The proceeds of this and other auctions are donated to help end poverty through a charity he founded: EETEP.

Duration: 2.25 minutes


My British Seagull Outboard Motor (WSPC)

Running a 29 year old outboard motor on a 10:1 fuel/oil mix. Only needed the rust cleaned out of the fuel tank and a new mounting clamp. Running downtide on the River Hamble in the south of England with about 3 knots of tide and about 3 knots boat speed.

Duration: .16 minutes


British Seagull 40 Plus (FP 717 B0)

Paul's 1970 Forty Plus running at low and high throttle.

Duration: .24 minutes